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If you have a lot of books, you should consider removing some of them so they don?t clutter your library. There?s no reason to keep a lot of books that you?re not going to use anymore. is a great service because, not only will they take any books that you have, but they will even comes to your house to pick them up. This is perfect service for us since we have a couple of flight of stairs from the street level. On Wednesday, we left nine boxes of books and they took all of them!

If you don?t want to donate your books you could always visit a used book store and resell your books. This is a good option if you have some first editions or some valuable books.

In 2002, when I moved from San Jose to Boston, I sold a few books to the ?Recycle Books Store? in San Jose. They gave me $30 for 10 of my books. I am pretty sure that my books are someplace in the store today. Not all my books were accepted since they were outdated technical books or were old travel books. I guess having Photoshop 5.5 Visual Quick Start and 1996 Florida Travel wouldn?t sell very well.

I discarded most of the remaining books in the recycle bin at the Woods Apartment complex in South San Jose.

If you?re in the San Jose area, you should check out the unique book inventory at the Recycle Book Store.

Recycle Book Store
1066 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 286-6275



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