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Safari vs Chrome

Should you even use Safari anymore?

Welcome to this week's edition of our Macintosh-centric blog! As a decade-long user and enthusiast of all things Mac, I'm thrilled to dive into a topic that showcases the unique capabilities of our beloved platform. Today, we're exploring the Safari browser - a gem in the Macintosh ecosystem that often gets overshadowed by the likes of Chrome and Edge. However, Safari holds a trove of exclusive features that not only enhance our browsing experience but also demonstrate the seamless integration and innovation Apple is known for. Let's embark on this safari into Safari!

1. Seamless Integration with Apple Ecosystem

iCloud Keychain: Safari's integration with iCloud Keychain is a standout. Unlike Chrome or Edge, it offers an encrypted and seamless way to store and sync your passwords and credit card information across all your Apple devices.

Handoff: Picture this: You're reading an article on your iPhone and you switch to your Mac. With Handoff, Safari allows you to continue reading right where you left off. This level of synchronization is unmatched in other browsers.

2. Energy and Performance Efficiency

Optimized Battery Life: Safari is engineered to be energy efficient. Mac users can vouch for the noticeable difference in battery life when using Safari compared to Chrome or Edge, especially during prolonged browsing sessions.

Performance Enhancements: Safari's JavaScript engine is optimized for Apple's hardware, making it significantly faster and more responsive than its counterparts on Macs.

3. Privacy and Security Features

Intelligent Tracking Prevention: Safari leads the pack with its approach to privacy. It uses machine learning to identify trackers and prevent cross-site tracking while not compromising the browsing experience.

App Privacy Report: This unique feature provides an overview of how websites and apps are using your data and which ones are attempting to track you.

4. Specialized Browsing Experience

Reader Mode: Safari's Reader mode offers a clutter-free reading experience by stripping away ads, buttons, and background images. It transforms articles into a clean, customizable format.

Picture-in-Picture Mode: Watch videos in a floating window while working on other tasks. This feature is more intuitive and user-friendly in Safari compared to the limited versions in Chrome or Edge.

5. Exclusive Extensions and Integration

Safari Extensions: The Safari Extension Gallery offers unique extensions not available for other browsers. These extensions are more privacy-focused and integrate tightly with the macOS.

Apple Pay Integration: Safari is the only browser on Mac that supports Apple Pay, making online shopping seamless and secure.

6. Visual and User Experience Enhancements

Tab Groups: Safari's Tab Groups is more than just a tab organizer. It syncs across your devices, allowing you to access your group of tabs on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Customizable Start Page: Personalize your browsing experience with a customizable start page, featuring your favorite sites, iCloud Tabs, Siri Suggestions, and even a background image of your choice.


Safari is more than just a browser; it's an experience tailored for the Mac user, offering features that are not just about browsing the web but enhancing the overall macOS experience. Its deep integration with the Apple ecosystem, commitment to privacy and security, and unique user-centric features make it a browser that stands out from its counterparts. For those entrenched in the Apple world, Safari is not just a choice; it's a natural extension of the Macintosh experience.

Until next week, keep exploring and enjoying your Macintosh to its fullest!



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