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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in a Pool Skimmer

Should you use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser in your Pool Skimmer?

Using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the pool skimmer. seems to a great idea. We hear about someone else doing it as a way to clean up a cloudy pool. We thought why not give it a try to see what happens.

Mr Clean Pool

Things We Learned Using Mr Clean in the Skimmer

  • There is little risk to using this - since we had a few spare Mr. Clean Sponges available. We simply put one in the skimmer, making sure that it was nice and tight.
  • After a couple of hours of running the filter, we checked Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it appeared to be helping out. As you can see from the above picture, the Eraser collected some micro dirt.
  • Only the top part of the Magic Eraser was dirty, the bottom was still white. Which means that the sponge was helping clean up the pool.
  • The pool did look better, but I am not sure if it's directly related to the Magic Eraser but it didn't hurt the cleaning process, and the pump water level didn't go down at all.
  • It seems that the Magic Eraser complements the cleaning process and does clean up the pool.

Our Recommendation

Certainly use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser if you have one available. It seems to add a bit of assistance of getting some of the micro dirt that a sand filter may not able to clean up.

Who knows, maybe you'll find the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser at your local pool supply store soon.



Carrie Which mr clean magic erase ? Original kind or one of the others?
.admin Just the standard Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You don't need a special type.
EdI use baquacil and cant use chlorine with it. Does the Mr Clean use chlorine?
DaleMy pool has been cloudy all season. Pool supply store keeps giving me expensive chemicals but the pool remains cloudy. My wife saw Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on Facebook. We placed a new eraser in the skimmer on July 26. On the 27 we saw positive results and today, July 28, 2018, our pool is crystal clear. I took the eraser out of the skimmer basket and could not believe how green it was. I rinsed it 5 times before the green was gone.
Dale Rosene It did not work on our hot tub. Actually left a scummy layer on the water.

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