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Prepping For Fall- How to Evaluate Your Cars Safety

As summer winds down, the air becomes less humid, kids go back to school, and family vacations begin to dwindle down. Fall is a great season to enter into, but there are many things that must be done to allow us to get back into the swing of our routines. You might think of the typical things- like developing a schedule for your children, and discussing carpooling with neighbors to coordinate your busy schedules. Or, figuring out what teacher your child has, and what activities they will become involved in during the school year.

But, we should also stop to think about the things that we rely on all year long. One of the most important factors for families is the ability to transport their children, as well as themselves to various destinations like work, school, and leisurely activities. Without a safe mode of transportation, many families may find it difficult to coordinate a busy schedule.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before jumping full-force into your schedule this coming Fall. Make sure your car is prepared for the numerous amounts of times you will rely on it.


Tire pressure in family automobiles is overlooked many times. As the air becomes cooler, it's good practice to ensure your tires all contain the same amount of air pressure. As the temperature decreases, your tire pressure usually follows the same pattern. Subsequently, as the temperature rises your tires tend to increase in pressure as well.

Check with your car's operating manual for the suggested tire pressure within your car. Adjust your pressure accordingly to ensure you are keeping your family safe while commuting this Fall. Tire pressures can easily become imbalanced, leading to less traction on one side of your vehicle in comparison to another.


The Fall tends to bring much more precipitation to various areas of the country. When is the last time you checked your wiper blades to ensure they were clearing your windshield properly? For most, this may have been over a year ago. In fact, most drivers completely forget to change out their wiper blades until they experience reduced visibility when traveling in a heavy rainstorm. As a result, driving within torrential rainstorms with faulty wipers can lead to a unsafe conditions for you and your family.

It's recommended to change your wiper blades every few months. Double check your car and make sure you aren't stuck in a rainstorm with wipers that will not clear your windshield.


When's the last time you visited Midas or Jiffy Lube to get your oil changed? Even though these businesses place reminder stickers on customers windshields, many motorists overlook the reminder and continue to drive with oil that should have been changed many miles ago. The effects of having clean oil in your car cannot visibly be seen, however, the impact it can make on your motor and internal parts can be more drastic than it appears to the naked eye. In fact, many motorists travel with dirty oil, much longer than suggested by the manufacturer.

Before you jump back into your full routines this fall, make sure you are well-equipped for your busy schedule. Ensuring the family car is safe, and ready to transport you and your family will allow you a piece of mind when it comes to protecting the safety of yourself, as well as your family. Schedule a car tune up in the next few weeks to avoid any uncertainties down the road this Fall season.



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