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Duck Pond on Botolph Street

Check out the duckies on Botolph Street

Some of the Boston brownstone homeowners in the Back Bay have a great sense of humor. You can see it at various times of the year with unique Christmas lights, awesome winter parking space savers, and creative yard design. I think they do some of this to amuse some of the commuters that walk through their neighborhood.

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On St. Botolph Street, one of the homeowners has a little pond in the front of the house. For most of the year, they have the water running and place rubber ducks and frogs around the pond. It's very cute. In the Wintertime they stick candy canes in the ground around the small pond.

You can find the pond at 65-St. Botolph Street, about a 1/2 block from the Inn at St Botolph. It's not one of the "must-see" tourist-attractions, but just something unique to discover how Bostonians make their neighborhood special. While you're in the neighborhood you should check out the -SW-Corridor-Path.

The-SW-Corridor-Path is a public walkway that is above the Orange Line. There are lots of seasonal flowers, a dog park, and a playground for the kids. Besides, you'll get some really good photo opportunities of the Prudential and John Hancock buildings.

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