June 29, 2016



Pool owners use Cyanuric Acid to help prevent the loss of chlorine due to sunlight exposure. Cyanuric Acid is also known as CYA, Conditioner or Stabilizer.

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, you should beware of the Cyanuric Acid levels in your pool. Ignore it and you could be significantly be reducing the chlorine levels in your pool because of the hot summer sun.

Each state has different regulations on the amount public pools should have. In Massachusetts, public pools should have at least 30 and no more than 100 ppm. New Hampshire has no standards. In Maine it should be at lease 10 but no more than 150 ppm. Connecticut public pools should be no more than 100 ppm.

In Florida, which has the most private and public pools than any state, requires that all public pools be no more than 100 ppm.

Check out the various requirements over on Pool Operation Management website.

To high Cyanuric Acid levels?

Having too high Cyanuric levels will weaken the effectiveness of the chlorine. Higher levels will bind with the chlorine, making it slower acting to kill bacteria and microorganisms, and prevent algae. Higher levels will also increase cloudiness in the pool water.

Your best solution to fix a pool with high Cyanuric Acid is to backwash some of the pool water and put in fresh water.

To little Cyanuric Acid?

Too little Cyanuric Acid will results in more of the Chlorine being burn off.

Add the right amount of CYA, Conditioner or Stabilizer based on the current levels and how many gallons are in your pool.

How to test for Cyanuric Acid?

The AquaCheck test strips checks for all the critical pool chemicals. They have an App for expanded water analysis and prescription water balance. (Andriod and iOS) It's a good way to get more detail about what you should do with your pool.

On the AquaCheck test strip container, the follow text appears at the bottom:

For best results on Stabilizer test, pH should be between 7.0 - 8.4 and Alkalinity at or below 240 PPM

In other words, make sure the rest of the pool is balance before being concern with the results of the Stabilizer test.


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