February 13, 2016

MBTA Coat Hangers


A practical suggestion to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) or whoever is designing the next commuter rail train: install more hideaway hooks throughout the train.

Make these hooks high enough so that when people need to hang suits or jackets that it's well off the floor. The floors do get wet very often in the summer and spring.

Making the hooks hideaway ensures that they won't get in the way when people are leading against the wall.

This idea came about when I recently had to bring a suit to work and couldn't find a place to hang my jacket. I look all around where I was standing and couldn't find a place to hang it for the duration of my commute.

The MBTA should have hideaway hanger hooks along the wall in the loading area of each car. Ideally, the hooks should be strong enough to hold bags.

This is a simple request that won't cost a lot to implement, but certainly will add value to riders.


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