August 20, 2015

Three Awesome Golf tips

A couple of weekend's ago I played a round of golf at Ocean Edge golf course in Brewster, Massachusetts. During my game play, I came up with some non conventional golf gift ideas. Hey we are always looking for a gift for Dad that has everything.

These are just some practical ideas that I came up based on my observation watching golfers on that day. You can be creative and get all three and put together a nice seasonal gift pack. I am sure you'll probably find various people that created a gift pack on eBay or Esty around Christmas and Fathers Day.

Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker

The routine is the same every golf game, before teeing off at the first hole, every golfer decides on what golf balls they are going to use today. But, by the time they get to the third or fourth tee things do change. they may have lost some golf balls or they may inadvertently found one. Suddenly they can't remember what ball they just hit off the tee.

The easy solution is to custom mark each ball before hitting it. You can find all sorts of kits online to label golf balls, but some are expensive and perhaps something that you don't want to carry around in your golf bag. A quick easy solution is to use a permanent marker and label the ball. The golfer can use the mark on the ball as a focus point when teeing off.

In many office supply stores you can find an assorted collection of 'Sharpie Mini Permanent Markers' with an attachment clip. This is great idea for an avid golfer to custom label any golf ball. You can attach the pen to the golf bag zipper so that its always available. Now golfers won't have to remember the brand that they played. In addition, they won't have to check with the other golfers to prevent confusion when identifying the ball on the fairway.

Golf Ball Marker

It is necessary, in golf, to mark your ball once it is on the green in order to allow players further away to putt. This isn't just a courtesy - it's one of the early rules of golf. At the green, I see people fumbling with their pockets trying to find a suitable golf ball marker, and more often than not, they end up pulling out a penny or dime to mark their ball.

The problem with using any currency is that it's too thick. The golfer has to put the putter head down and place the marker a bit further than the original spot. Golf ball markers are the ideal solution. They allow the golfer to mark the ball exactly where it was and and not become an obstacle for the other golfers.

You can make one as a gift, just remember to keep the top as thin as possible. For example, you can make a special custom one with the golfer college mascot or favorite non golf item. Just don't spend too much as they can get lost very easily. has a cool idea on using any photo on making custom ball markers. Simply upload your photo for a cool looking ball marker.

Mini Pocket Microfiber Cloth

When the golf ball is on the green, the golfer is allowed to clean the ball off. Usually this is done to clean off any sand or mud that might have gotten on the ball during the approach to the green. Note: The ball doesn't get completely dirty, but it's enough that could influence the final champion putt.

At each hole, I saw several golfers carry out a towel with their putter and clean their ball before playing. To me, It seemed to be a hassle to bring a small towel every time you go to the green. The simple solution is having a small microfiber cloth in your pocket. The cloth isn't going to get that dirty that would ruin the pants when they put the cloth back.

Any small microfiber cloth that you can get at a camera store should be fine. I would recommend getting ones that it is washable and get a couple in case they need one for the front nine and a clean one for the back nine. Check Etsy for a custom microfiber cloth that matches the golfer favorite college or sports team.

FreshAsaDaisySoaps is selling Microfiber Soap Saver Bag in various colors. This would be perfect to use to easily clean a golf ball.


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