March 14, 2014

Flash Drives

Here is an interesting factoid that I discovered today:

You can buy 128 GB for about $45. A lot of memory for not that much money. Whatís more, is what you can store on that USB drive. Did you know that 128 GB Flash drive can hold up to 27 DVDs worth of data or 188 data CDs?

If you have a lot of Data CDs and looking to back them up, you may find that USB might be a good option. This is especially a good idea if you have a lot of older CDs around.

USB Flash drives have an estimated life of about 10 years, if you use them very frequently. However, they can last longer if you just use them on occasion and even longer if you only do READ ONLY actions.

Whatís great is that many Flash drives have a READ ONLY switch so that you canít accidentally write to the device. Which is good if you open up a Word document and Microsoft tries to do an Auto-save.

So if youíre thinking of storage options, consider getting a USB Flash Drive.


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