July 17, 2013
 Inline Chlorinator

Inline Chlorinator

An above ground pool needs a really good Inline Chlorinator to automatically inject chlorine into the pool every time the filter runs. This is simple way to to remove contaminants from the water held in the pool. Some people like to use a floating Chlorinator, but I think an Inline is the best way to properly mix chlorine into the entire pool.

Last year we had a problem with our old Inline Chlorinator as their was a crack in the main body and it was leaking. I had to rush to Leslies Pool and pick one up. Usually when your in an emergency situation, you don't really do much comparison shopping, as I picked the only Inline Chlorinator that they had in stock - Super Clear Inline Chlorinator.

This turned out to be much better than the old one that we had, which had to be at least 5 years old. I really like how easy it is to open the top and put in Clorine. The old one would get stuck and would take great efforts to remove the top. I would use such great force that I would get blisters just trying to open it. Now it is very simple to open as I just push a lever and twist off with ease.

Using the Inline Chlorinator

When setting up an Inline Chlorinator to an above ground pool, make sure to have a valve to cut off the water flow. You'll need this to stop any back flow that may happen, usually when shutting down the pool, or fixing a leaky hose.

The Inline Chlorinator is an easy way to get chlorine in a pool opening up for the season. The Super Clear model allows you to adjust the amount of Chlorine and this complements any Shock strategy. Just remember to double check the Chlorine levels and don't forget to turn down the Chlorine levels.

It really doesn't matter what size chlorine tablets you use. I have used both the "giant" size and the regular size. They both work just as well. I usually buy whatever is on sale, or has the best value for the number of chlorine tablets in the container.

Winterizing the Inline Chlorinator

We stored the Inline Chlorinator in the basement of our house. Before putting it downstairs, I made sure that the water was fully drained out of the container, I then rinsed the container out really well and left outside to dry. Once it was done, I put the top back on. I did this since I didn't want any of the Chlorine smell in the house and our cats to get into it. You should never leave the Chlorinator outside during the winter.


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