July 9, 2013

24 foot Round Pool

24 Round Pool

There is approximately 14,645 gallons in a 24 foot round pool.

Conventional Calculations (Method #1)

Let's suppose that this above ground pool is a perfect cylinder shape of 24 ft. diameter by 52 inches (or 4 1/3 feet) deep. The formula to find the volume of any type of cylinder is V=pir(square)h. We could use 3.14 to represent Pi (pi), r(square) is 144 and the height of 52 inches, which is 4 and 1/3 feet. So then just multiply 3.14 (pi) times 144 times 4 and a third. The answer is approximately 1958 cubic feet. Since there are 7.48 gallons of liquid per cubic foot, 7.48 times 1,958 is approximately 14,645 gallons.

Another way to Calculated (Method #2)

Diameter X Diameter X average depth X 5.9 = Volume in gallons

The 24 foot Round Above Ground Pool will most likely have walls that measure 52" but only hold 48" or four feet of water. It has a flat bottom with a slight angle in the middle but usually not much to impact the calculations.

To Calculate, 24' x 24' = 576 square feet of water. You then multiply the depth of 4', which equals 2,304. The 2,304 figure is multiplied by 5.9 and you come up with 13,593 gallons of water. If we assume that earlier calculations where we have 52 inches deep, it comes out to 14,613.12.


You can clearly see how important it is to know the depth of your round pool. In our situation, the pool depth is 47", which makes our pool volume 13,287. I have 8" of water in the pool which means that the pool now contains 2,276 gallons and we are awaiting 9,000 gallons of water from NALA. When completed, our pool will have 11,276 gallons, and we will top it off so that we can use the pool this weekend.

Some other useful facts:

  • Approximately 281 Gallons for every inch of water
  • Garden hose flow = 500 gallons/hours.
  • Filling a 24 Round Pool using a Garden hose will take approximately 30 hours.
  • Most bulk water deliver services hold 9,000 gallons and cost between $390 and $450 per delivery.



June 20, 2016.

If my round pool laid flat out is 75 ft 10 inches from end to end what would the diameter be? 18 or 24?
Kyle Dyer

June 22, 2016.

Hey Camille, It looks like you have a 21' round pool.

June 27, 2016.

We have a 24 ft round pool we want to put that 2 in thick insulation on the bottom how many pieces would we need if they are 4/8 sheets
Mary Ralian

September 13, 2016.

We have a 24' round pool and 5' at the deepest - what would you recommend to extend the summer season? A Hayward propane and how many BTUs? Any suggestions you can give us we have never used any heater other than solar previously - we live in Wisconsin! Thanks for the info in advance. Mary and Rudy..

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