April 10, 2012

Adding Code Snippets

Basic Instruction on Adding Code Snippets to Microsoft Visual Studio. This is useful when you find yourself typing the same commands over and over again. By adding your own Snippets you can significantly increase your productivity.

Create a directory to store your Snippets. I used C:/Snippets, but you can use what ever directory you want.

  1. You need to update the Microsoft Visual Studio Code Snippet Manager to point to the new directory. This should be located under the Tools Menu. If you can't find it, here's the instructions on enabling the Code Snippet Manager:
    1. Goto the Tools Menu and Select Customize, which is the second to last menu item.
    2. Under Categories select Tools.
    3. You should see "Code Snippets Manager" on the right. Its the 7th one down.
    4. Drag the Command any place you want, such as the Tool Menu.
  2. Open up the Code Snippets Manager
  3. Add your directory that you created in Step #1 and Click Ok

That's it! Now anything with a .snippet you create in your directory will appear in Visual Studio!


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