October 9, 2007

2007 ALCS is set

Yankee Loose!

Wow the Yankees couldn't make it past the ALDS this year. For most baseball analysts this wasn't a surprise since they didn't have very good pitching. The last few weeks of baseball was a focus on just making the playoffs. While most of the other teams were focus on surviving the playoffs.

I think Joe Torre made a mistake using Chien-Ming Wang as a starter pitcher with only three days of rest. Chien-Ming Wang didn't last 2 innings, he was taken out in the second inning with no outs. I am sure the New York papers and sports talk shows will be talking about this all day today.

So, its Red Sox vs Indians this Friday night. Should be an exciting series. Red Sox have the edge with experience and better pitching. They also beat the Indians five times during the regular season. I think the Red Sox will win the series by 4-2.

In Boston, there's lot of excitement that this might be another repeat of the 2004 Championship. The pitching is much better this year and the team is healther. Local news are reporting that Bleacher seats that sell for about $20 a game are going for $250 from ticket resellers.


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