October 28, 2004

Red Sox are Champions again!

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on winning another World Champion!

It took 86 years to win this title!

Some significant factors in yesterdays win:

  • This was the 100th World Series.
  • Yesterday was the first World Series to be played during a Total Lunar Eclipse.
  • It was on the 18th anniversary of the 1986 7th Game lost to the Mets.
  • Red Sox won 8 in a row, the longest winning streak in post season.
Boston Globe
I spent time this morning visiting several connivence stores looking for today's Boston Globe. I was surprise that they were sold out by 8 am this morning! I finally found a copy at the CVS in downtown Waltham.

Today's Boston Globe should sell out since many Red Sox fans will be buying them as a souvenir. There are plenty of Boston Heralds around, but it seems that the Globe is the paper of choice this morning.


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