October 26, 2004

Game 3: Pedro Martinez & Keith Foulke

Pedro Martinez won game 3 against the Cardinals, which gave Boston a 3-0 lead and an almost certain World Series Victory.

Two weeks ago, the New York Yankees had that same thought. The difference is that the Red Sox have more reasons to win than the Cardinals and the momentum is certainly on the Red Sox side...

The key play of the game was in the third inning:

Ahead 1-0, Boston did it again with defense in the third.

Suppan started it with a swinging-bunt single and Edgar Renteria hit a double that sent Nixon sliding feet first into a warning track puddle, a pratfall right out of a Wet&Wild Ride&Slide.

Again the crowd came to its feet, sensing the big hit that St. Louis needed. Walker instead rapped a weak grounder to second baseman Mark Bellhorn, which should have easily been enough to advance the runners and score the tying run.

Suppan, however, made a quick break for the plate and stopped while Renteria took off for third. Ortiz caught Bellhorn's throw, took a second and then noticed the Cardinals' confusion on the bases.

Ortiz made a perfect throw across the diamond to nail Suppan, and a grounder by Pujols ended the inning and brought out the boos.

Keith Foulke was sensational as the Red Sox closer, he was picked up last year because the Red Sox almost made it to the playoffs last year, but didn't have a good closer.


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