December 13, 2003


This afternoon I visited one of New Englands most popular retail store, LLBean. This is the second year in a row that I visited the store during the Christmas season, which officially makes it a tradition.

The parking lot was not as crowded this year, as I was able to park much closer to the store. This is probably because I arrived later in the afternoon. The store itself was pretty crowded, and there were long lines at the registers. The only exception was at the Fishing and Hunting store which is separate from the main store.

If you plan to visit the store, here are some of my notes:

  • You pass through several toll booths from the Boston Area to Freeport. Bring plenty of spare change. It cost $3 just to get up to Freeport on I-95.
  • Try the Lobster Bisque on the third level in the main store, it costs $4.25 for a small bowl.
  • You can create your own gift basket! Great custom gift idea! Talk to someone on the third level.
  • There are lots of National Brand Outlet types of stores around LLBean.
  • Outside the Hunting and Fishing store a street vendor is selling Lobster Rolls for $9!
  • A cross the street from the main store is a talking Christmas tree! Wasn't talking when I was there.


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