November 12, 2003

Oracle Advice

Normally I don't give tips about computers or electronics on my daily factoid. This isn't a computer focus Weblog, and its not ment to be. If your looking for real good computer news, Slashdot is your best choice.

With the recent positive news on the economy, 7.2% economic growth and the unemployment rate lowering to 6 percent. It appears that the economy is finally moving in a positive direction. Here are several reasons to update your database today:

Price Changes
Once the economy starts to pickup, you will likely see licence changes at Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. These changes will mean the total cost of ownership will increase. The intial price might not change, but the cost of support might be higher. You'll be surprise on the deals you can get today!

Timing is Perfect!
The hardest part of database migration is scheduling downtime for the migration. You don't want to do a migration while your company can't afford to be down. Consider this to be the off season, make your pitching changes now so you will be ahead of the game later.

Plenty of Help
There are plenty of database consultants and integrators available now. If you wait later, you may not have the install flexibility that you need.


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