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Code Freeze Appears2
Code Freeze is Closer than it Appears.

How About That Release
"How about that Release?"

No Going Back Now
There's No Going Back Now

Go Wrong
What Could Possibly go Wrong?


Misc Images


QA Images - November 26, 2018

Test Armageddon

Patch Armageddon

qualityhasmoved Issue

Code Freze

Fired Up

QA Images - March 26, 2018

Release Delay

Release Deployment

Ship It Revert

Jurassic Park

qa Approvesd

Red For So Long

QA Images - May 23, 2018

QA Paper Style

Quality Scrabble

More Images -- July 9, 2018

QATestingSign SoftwareSign






New Images -- August 27, 2018

Live Dangerously

Maximum Testing Achieved
Maximum Testing Achieved

Seven Words

Importaint Issue

Ask not what you can do to help QA, rather ask how you can write better code...

Red Leader Standing By
Red Leader standing by. - Star Wars a New Hope

New Images -- October 1, 2018

QA Waiting for Developers to fix a bug.

Test Before You Invest

Release Freeze

Patch Patch Patch Finding Nemo

Now Patching

No Bad Surprises

Code Freeze

Bad QA Bad QA

Bad QA Wood_ Effect

Bad QA Rust Effect

New Images -- November 5, 2018

Best Can Do
That's the Best You can Do?

Hows Automation
How is Automation going?

Failed Testing Sticker
Failed Testing Sticker

Team Work
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Hello Migrator
Hello, How are the Database Migrator's going?

Now Thats A Bug
Now that's a Bug to remember

New Images -- January 20, 2020

QA Waiting

Life QA

QA River

QA Ready

March Images - April 6, 2020

What About QA

Skip QA Bugs

Kermit Code Freeze

Dont Forget QA Note

Dont Forget QA

Woo Hoo Ready QA

September Images - September 14, 2020

Emerld Fudd Code Freeze
Code Freeze is Coming

Scoobty Doo QA
Gotten Away with It

Office Space Code Freeze

October Images - October 26, 2020

Test O Ween
Happy TestOWeen

Scary Testing Q A
Scary Testing

Tester EastWick
Tester of EastWick Logo

November Images - November 30, 2020

Jira You Have Issues
Jira Because - You Have Issues

Tell QA
Billboard - Don't Tell QA

Test Code Billboard
Test Your Code on a street billboard - QA reminding you to test your code before handing it to them.

Quality Stability Firepower
Quality, Stability through superior firepower.

December Images - December 21, 2020

Developers Test Their Code

Quickstart Bug

Snoopy Welcome To Release Day

Release On Fire

February Images - February 14, 2021

QA Rule1
QA Rule 1

Test Better
Test Better

Think Q A
Think QA

The Artof Q A
The Art of QA

Q A Reference Page2021 Email
QA Reference Page

June Images -- June 2, 2021

/ Wait For Q A

/ Automation Debug Friendly

/ Quality Assurance Logo2021

/ Reuse Automation Code

/ Modern Testing Chalk2021

July 27, 2021

Testing In Production 2021
What Testing in Production Looks like.

Quality Testing 2021 logo
Quality Testing (Logo?)

Woo Hoo Testing Time
WooHoo Time For Testing

Dont Bugs Escape
Don't Let the Bugs Escape!

August 31, 2021

Trump - "Best Day Ever"

Code Freeze is Coming

QA Quote

"Poor Planning on Your Part..."

September 28, 2021

Code Freeze Time

QA Homer Simpson

Release Day Tomorrow

Time For Testing



October - 2021

/ Release Night
Release Night

/ Happy Release Day
Happy Release Day

/ Moments Before Release
Moments before a Release

/ Quality Pumpkin
Quality on a Pumpkin

/ Bug Free Build
Bug Free Build

/ Launch Time
Launch Time

QA Waits for moments like this.

/ QA Cycle
QA Test Cycle

December - 2021

Yes Correct
Yes, You Are Correct

Bernie Sanders A W S
Bernie Sanders asking for AWS to be back up

Release Moratorium
Release Moratorium

Scrollof Truth
The Scroll of the Truth

Change My Mind Log Jam
LogJam in Early 2021

Woo Hoo Devis Ready2021
Homer is Happy Dev is Ready

June - 2022








September - 2022

/ Fall Season

/ Get Things Done

/ Release Day2022

/ Release Ready

/ Release Day Warface

/ Release Day Battlefield

October - 2022

/ Release Day Blue2022

/ Releaseween

/ Release Patch

/ Happy Release Day1

/ Happy Release Day2

November - 2022

/ Christmas Bell Release Day

/ Release Day Gold

/ Happy Release Day Gift

October - 2023

/ Ghouls Testing

/ Halloween Haunted

/ Happy Release Day2023

/ Q A Comic Halloween