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 Various Humor Images for Quality Assurance.

QA Images

Code Freeze Appears2
Code Freeze is Closer than it Appears.

How About That Release
"How about that Release?"

No Going Back Now
There's No Going Back Now

Go Wrong
What Could Possibly go Wrong?


Misc Images


QA Images - November 26, 2018

Test Armageddon

Patch Armageddon

qualityhasmoved Issue

Code Freze

Fired Up

QA Images - March 26, 2018

Release Delay

Release Deployment

Ship It Revert

Jurassic Park

qa Approvesd

Red For So Long

QA Images - May 23, 2018

QA Paper Style

Quality Scrabble

More Images -- July 9, 2018

QATestingSign SoftwareSign






New Images -- August 27, 2018

Live Dangerously

Maximum Testing Achieved
Maximum Testing Achieved

Seven Words

Importaint Issue

Ask not what you can do to help QA, rather ask how you can write better code...

Red Leader Standing By
Red Leader standing by. - Star Wars a New Hope

New Images -- October 1, 2018

QA Waiting for Developers to fix a bug.

Test Before You Invest

Release Freeze

Patch Patch Patch Finding Nemo

Now Patching

No Bad Surprises

Code Freeze

Bad QA Bad QA

Bad QA Wood_ Effect

Bad QA Rust Effect

New Images -- November 5, 2018

Best Can Do
That's the Best You can Do?

Hows Automation
How is Automation going?

Failed Testing Sticker
Failed Testing Sticker

Team Work
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Hello Migrator
Hello, How are the Database Migrator's going?

Now Thats A Bug
Now that's a Bug to remember

New Images -- January 20, 2020

QA Waiting

Life QA

QA River

QA Ready

March Images - April 6, 2020

What About QA

Skip QA Bugs

Kermit Code Freeze

Dont Forget QA Note

Dont Forget QA

Woo Hoo Ready QA