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May 30, 2021How to Make a Successful Bid for Public OfficeSome Practical Online Advice
November 8, 2020President Joe BidenCongrats on Joe Biden on winning the White House
September 22, 20192020 ElectionsVarious Sites to check out about the 2020 Election
November 8, 2016Election Day 2016Empty
October 30, 2016Selfie Sticks in Massachusetts Polling PlacesEmpty
October 9, 2016The American's CreedEmpty
September 11, 2016George W. BushEmpty
September 3, 2016Corporate Money in PoliticsEmpty
April 6, 2016Enough Kasich, Enough....Empty
March 29, 2016Kasich beats ClintonEmpty
February 14, 2016Washington's BirthdayEmpty
June 5, 2015Optimistic vs Pessimistic viewEmpty
October 20, 2014Republican EmailEmpty
October 3, 20142014 ElectionEmpty
May 16, 2013Barack Obama 2006 SpeechEmpty
January 24, 2012Newt GingrichEmpty
January 17, 2011Ronald ReganEmpty
January 19, 2010Election Day in MassachusettsEmpty
January 11, 2010Local sales TaxEmpty
October 20, 2009First Time Homebuyer CreditEmpty
February 20, 2009Thomas Jefferson's ProphecyEmpty
February 18, 2009Obama SpeechEmpty
November 20, 2008NYSEEmpty
November 4, 2008Election Day 2008Empty
November 3, 2008Election EveEmpty
October 26, 2008Free Obama buttonsEmpty
August 29, 2008Tim PawlentyEmpty
August 28, 2008Mitt RomneyEmpty
August 21, 2008Joe BidenEmpty
July 16, 2008Offshore Drilling QuotesEmpty
July 15, 2008PoliticoEmpty
April 3, 2008Rush LimbaughEmpty
March 25, 2008Federal Court RulingEmpty
January 9, 2008New Hampshire Primary 2.0Empty
January 8, 2008New Hampshire PrimaryEmpty
May 24, 2007SouvenirsEmpty
May 15, 2006George Bush's Wisdom:Empty
March 28, 2006Illegal ImmigrantsEmpty
February 1, 2005State of the UnionEmpty
November 3, 2004Election ResultsEmpty
November 2, 2004Election Day 2004Empty
November 1, 2004Down to the Wire!Empty
October 14, 2004Presidential DebateEmpty
September 21, 2004John Kerry Top 10Empty
July 28, 2004Hope is on the WayEmpty
June 11, 2004Ronald Reagan FuneralEmpty
May 17, 2004John Kerry DayEmpty
March 1, 2004John KerryEmpty
February 14, 2004Hidden MessageEmpty
February 8, 2004Bush on the OffensiveEmpty
January 20, 2004Congrat to John Kerry!Empty
December 8, 2003SNL RerunEmpty
November 13, 2003Senate FilibusterEmpty
November 11, 2003Veterans DayEmpty
October 8, 2003Schwarzenegger Wins!Empty