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Jot is a Unix program that prints sequential or random data. It's useful when you need a bunch of random words from a file or need a large numeric list.

This is just another way to generate a list of random words.

Random Group of Words

#! /bin/bash
jot -r -c 1000000 a z | rs -g 0 6 | sort | join /usr/share/dict/words - | uniq

Examples of using Jot

Sometimes it's easier to learn a command when you see several examples:

List the Years

If you needed to list the years in a decade or a large data range:

jot - 1950 1960
jot - 1970 2016

Multiple Text

Bart Simpsons would have loved this jot script:

jot -b "I will not cheat and output this text 20 times." 20

Bart Simpson

Hours in a Day

List out the hours in a day. (Could be done in Excel just as Easier)

jot -w '%01d:00' 12

Twitter Limit

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