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Delete Muliple Flicker Albums

If you recently have discovered Flickr and how it's an awesome resource for backing up all your photos and videos. Flickr wants you to manage all your photos on their site, so much, that they have an application that will back up all the photos on your computer.

One of the problems with using the Flickr Uploader application is that Flickr creates a lot of albums, most of the albums are from folders. At first these are useful since it's easy to find certain files. Soon you begin to realized that Flickr has actually created albums for a single image. Now a lot of the albums are not useful.

After uploading a lot of images the albums become a real hassle. This is true if you use third party applications, such as PicMonkey. Having a lot of albums can make using Flickr slow and hard to scroll through all the extra albums.

Now comes the hard part of figuring a way to delete many Flickr albums. Turns out there is no way to manage Flickr albums in the Flickr Uploader tool.

If you check out Flickr's website, there's a way to organize your photos but this is more to organize photos into new or existing albums. You can delete a single album but if you have a couple 100 albums, this isn't a good option.

On the Albums page you can delete an album by clicking on the trash can icon. This is useful if you have a few albums to delete. Not so useful when there's a lot of files. Flickr help actually mentions that this is the best way to delete an album.

Easy Solution!

If you have your Flickr account connected to your Apple computer, you can use iPhoto to manage your photo albums! Apple's new Photo App can't help because as it turns out, that the new an improved application doesn't have any of the Photo Shared functionality that iPhoto has. So to make this work, you need Apple iPhoto.

If you haven't enabled Flickr on your Macintosh, you can easily do it. Before launching the iPhoto application, go to Settings and then select Internet Accounts. Click on the '+' to add your Flickr account to the computer.

Launch iPhoto and you should see your Flickr account name under the 'Shared' section of the left navigation. Click on your name and it will load up all the albums in the main window.

Click on the the albums that you want deleted, use the 'Control' to select multiple albums and then right click on your selection. Hold the 'command' key and click on the 'delete' key at the same time. Then select the button 'Delete Sets,' which will remove the album but not the photos in the albums.

Flickr Albums 

By using iPhoto you can quickly and safely delete hundreds of Flickr albums without deleting any of the images that were uploaded. I don't know of a way with Windows, perhaps someone can let me know and I'll write another post about it.

I hope this blog posting helps others that encounter the problems.



Aperture UserIf you happen to have Aperture, you can also do this with Aperture if you've hooked it up to your flickr account.

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