August 6, 2015

Questions about Solar Energy

Recently we decided to go solar and have Solar panels install on the backside of our house. We signed a twenty year contract with Sungevity. We are still early in the process as we just had some come over the house and do some data gathering.

During the process we had some questions about going solar. We were satisfied with the answers we got, and decided that it's worth going solar in Massachusetts. Here are some questions about the solar system we asked during the initial call:

  • What happens if we sell the house?
  • Will we still have electricity during a power outage?
  • Do we need to upgrade our electric box?
  • How much out of pocket expense will this cost us?
  • What about New England winters? Things like ice jams and raking the roof?
  • What happens with advancement of technology? Can we upgrade the solar panels?
  • What if we had a sudden change in electrical consumption, such as a long hot summer or we install a pool/sauna?
  • What happens if we need a new roof?

I decided not to post the answers that Sungivity gave us during the initial interview since could change their answer over time.

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