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Playing Podcasts with MapMyRun+

Do you want to play a Podcast on your next run using the MapMyRun+ application? Are you frustrated that when you play a podcast that it's hard to stop or skip to the next broadcast while your running?

Here's how to "hack" your iPhone so that you can sync any number of podcasts broadcasts so that it will work with MapMyRun+ application. This should also work with other applications that play music, but my goal was to make it work for MapMyRun+.

    First you will need to download various broadcasts that you wish to hear, I would recommend Everyday is Saturday.
  1. Using iTunes on your computer, select the iPhone in the left nav and create a new empty Playlist and call it whatever you want, example "5K Podcast"
  2. Select the PodCast icon/text just above your new playlist
  3.  You'll see a list of all the Podcast on you iPhone, select the Podcast that you want to hear and drag it to the "5k Podcast" playlist. Obviously select as many as you want from different authors.
  5.  Now select the "5k Podcast" and you should see all the Podcasts that you put in the playlist in the main window. You should order them how you would like to play. There's no need if you are using MapMyRun+ shuffle mode.
  7.  Disconnect the iPhone from your computer. 

After you completed the above steps, you should be able to go into MapMyRun+ and select your new playlist in the Music category. The Podcast will play in the order that you put it in unless you selected the shuffle option.

Note: If you check out the playlist using the Music App, you won't see anything. Technically that's correct since there isn't any music in the Playlist. Yes, you can mix music with Podcast clips.

You can only manage this playlist from your computer, so if you want to add or remove clips from the Playlist you will need to connect the phone and manage it in iTunes.

Bonus: Since you may listen to multiple broadcasts from the same author, did you know that you can change the start time of a Podcast? You may want to do this so you don't have to keep hearing the same intro during your run. In iTunes, Simply right click on Podcast and select info, then select the Options tab and adjust the start time. Usually most Podcast run their intro during the first 45 seconds of the broadcast.

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