April 17, 2015

Winter Storm 2015

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In February when I was busy cleaning snow off the roof, I took my camera and took some pictures of the backyard. Thanks to the "Auto Awesome" feature of Google+, it automatically joined several pictures to create a panoramic view.

Google+ Photo feature is very cool, check it out! I would highly recommend to use it to backup all the images on your computer. Every once in a while a picture or pictures will be selected and given some cool "Auto Awesome" effect. Some effects that you may encounter: Motion, Mix, Panoramic photo, Snow, Eraser, HDR, and Smile.

Google has a "Google+ Auto Backup" software that you can download that will upload all your images into Google Photos. Good news for Macintosh users, that the software will backup your photos in iPhoto! You can select what folders to backup. If you don't want to use up any of your Google Drive Storage make sure to select the Standard size. The standard size converts all large images to 2048px, which still is a good size for most anything your doing online. Besides, having a 2048px backup version of an image is better than not having a backup.

Just a quick word of warning, it may take some time if you have a lot of photos:

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