February 23, 2015

Slow Monday Morning Commute

This morning's commute wasn't great for the Worcester/Framingham line. The 6:35 train was running 45 mins late and the 7:00 train never really made it out of Worcester to be rush hour train. Thus leaving only two trains for today's rush hour. Not good at all.

While waiting for the 8:45 (P514) train out of Framingham, several people told me how they had to work from home this pass week because of the serious train delays. The MBTA was going to use the same schedule this week.

It took 45 minutes to get from Framingham to Back bay this morning. The biggest surprise of the morning was that there weren't as many commuters in the Wellesley stops. I was surprised because the earlier train couldn't pick up any passengers and yet we only picked up 20 passengers in Wellesley Hills. Where did the commuters go?

Evening Commute

This evening commute wasn't any better. I arrived at the train station hoping to catch the late 5pm (P527) train. I missed the train because they couldn't get any more passengers in the train.

The next train arrived about 10 minutes later and I was fortunate to get a seat. It wasn't as crowded as the 5pm train, but there were about 20 people standing in the car I was in. The train moved slower than normal because of the earlier train.

The combination delays resulted in me getting home an hour later than usual. It's a really good thing that I don't have daycare pickup duties, because I would never make it to the center on time.

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