February 19, 2015

Winter Schedule Adjustments 2

Today the train situation was a bit better than yesterday as the trains were running only 15 minutes late. I was concern of more delays today because 3 inches of snow fell overnight.

One sign that it was going to be a better day, was their were fewer delays from earlier trains. In the past few days, critical issues such as frozen doors would delay many early commuter rail trains. Things do look positive today.

The commuter platform wasn't shoveled this morning which was funny since the MBTA was paying people $30 an hour to shovel on Monday. A bunch of us waiting for the train was willing to shovel while waiting.

As for yesterday debacle, one rider told me that he didn't get to work until 11 am. This makes his morning commute almost 3 1/2 hours. Yikes!

The parking lot was the same situation it was yesterday, lots of available parking.

I am hoping that this afternoon commute goes smoothly and that the MBTA is implementing a better Winter strategy.

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