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Great tip from LifeHacker on changing the Twitter notifications, this is how you turn off the dreaded "@blah and 1 more just followed @someone"

Lately, Twitter has been rolling out some extra notifications that you might have seen show up that you really don't care about like "People are talking about this" or "Three people you follow just followed this guy." If you'd like to get rid of these, there's a setting for it, but it's buried.
On both iOS and Android, the fine-grained notification settings are tucked away under less-than-obvious menus. As Mashable points out, on iOS, you first open Twitter's main settings panel and tap on the account you want to change. Scroll down far enough and you'll see options for notifications for things like "Recommendations," "News," and "Other." While none of these are very obvious labels, they're also not direct interactions with you, which we assume you're most interested in.

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