December 26, 2013

2013 IRS Commuter Benefits

There is still no indication if Congress will taken any action on the Commuter Parity Act of 2013. In particular, if Congress has any plans to deal with IRS commuter benefits which is to reduce the cost of commuting via public transportation before the end of 2013.

Many local News reporter are reporting that this isn't going to happen - "Congress Fails To Renew Commuter Tax Credit, Slicing Some Benefits In Half Jan. 1." reported WJZ and The Baltimore Sun reports that "Maryland bus and MARC train riders could pay more for commutes after Congress failed to renew expiring tax credit." and "Maryland commuters could pay more come January after Congress let a tax credit expire." 

The bill that Obama signed this afternoon had no mention of the IRS Commuter benefits.

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It's still not too late to contact your Senator and Representative to take action and extend the 2013 IRS Commuter Benefits for those that take public transportation.

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