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Video Resolutions


Recently I was reviewing some videos that I have taken over the past few years using various cameras. I decided to record some of the video settings:


iPhone 5s1920 x 1080H.26429.99 fps
iPhone 41280 x 720H.26429 fps
Sony DSC-HX200V1920 x 1080H.26429.97 fps
Flip Video H1280 x 720H.26430 fps
Fuji FinePix e900640 x 480M.JPEG30 fps


What this tells me is that I should use the iPhone and Sony cameras to shoot video. The Flip video might be good for some situations, but I will loose out on video quality. The Fuji FinePix is a great camera that I have used to take great pictures, but I didn't realized how poor quality the video are.

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