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iPhoto and PhotoSync

I use my iPhone camera every day to take lots of pictures and send the best ones to a distribution list. I usually do this on my work computer. The big problem is that usually I take 30 pictures and I have to select around 10 to send out. It takes a lot of time to figure out which ones are the best.

Recent updates by Apple with iPhoto and iPhone 5s has made this process a little easier. Here are the steps that I do to move photos from my iPhone to my computer.

  • On the train to work I open up iPhoto App and start going through all the pictures that I took. When I find ones that are good, I mark them as favorite using the 'heart' icon. This moves the files to a new Album in my Photos call 'iPhoto for iOS.'
  • Then I open up PhotoSync App and select the Album and click on the red icon on the top, Select All and then move them to where I want. In my case it's to Dropbox.

The reason why I do this method is because iPhoto makes it easy to see the photo and then tag it. I can quickly look at a bunch of photos and tag them. 

I use PhotoSync because the transfer doesn't actually happen until I get on a wireless network, so I am not using any of my bandwidth. The process is very simple and makes transfers very easy.

Doing picture selection on the train is great use of downtime since I don't have to have internet connections to do this. Once I get to work, I can quickly put together the collage and send away.

Technology is wonderful.



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