March 8, 2011

Fiotec FPOS1300x-03

We have a Fiotec FPOS1300x-03 Tempest 1/6 HP pump in our basement which we use to pump out water. We plan on getting a stump pump later this spring, this will be more of a permanent solution. We rarely get water in the basement, just when there's a lot of rain during a short amount of time, usually because the ground is too saturated.

During the rain storm this weekend, and the melting snow, the water table rose. On Sunday night at 11:45PM there was about 6 inches of water in our basement water hole. By 3:45am the amount of water rose to 9 inches. At 10 inches the basement becomes flooded.

We ran the Fiotec pump for 3 hours and got the number down to 7 inches. This means that 2,970 gallons of water was removed from the basement. The pump ran again various times throught out the day on Monday and by Tuesday morning, the water level was at 5 inches.

The pump works really well, there wasn't any problem with getting the water out. By keeping an eye on the water level and the weather, we were able to avoid a flood this weekend.

We keep a wooden ruler by the pump hole to measure the water level and constantly monitor it to make sure that the water level doesn't rise to a dangerous level. We use to mark the wooden ruler where the water would rise to, but now we record the amount on a piece of paper that is near the water hole.

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