January 27, 2010

Amana Refrigerator

We had a problem with our Amana Refrigerator; model number ABB2227DEB, the cooling part stop working around 4pm last night. Both the Refrigerator and Freezer were not keeping cool and the ice in the freezer has started melting. We could hear the refrigerator running, it wasn't making any strange noise, and the light turned on when we opened the door.

We called several places in the Framingham area to see if someone would come out last night. We made about 10 calls and wasn't able to find anyone. We were surprised that there wasn't a 24-hour service available in the Framingham area. After about 20 minutes of trying, we decided that we would wait till the morning to call a local repair company.

I took a quick trip to Stop and Shop and got six bags of ice (cost $12.50). We packed up all the perishables and put them in a couple of coolers we had. We put the coolers on the deck, since it wasn't going to get above freezing overnight. We put some of the frozen foods in the spare freezer in the basement.

This morning we called Belcher's Appliance Center in Framingham, (508) 626-2321, to see if someone would come out to fix the refrigerator. Someone was at the door within 5 minutes of calling them. What great service! This isn't the first time they did this, last April when we had a problem with our washer someone came within 10 minutes of calling them.

The guy initially thought the issue was with the fan since it was running slow and replaced it with a new one that he had. However that one was also running slow. He then said it was probably the Control Board that wasn't working correctly. He had a new Control Board in his truck and was a part that was able to replace it very quickly. He told me that it?s a common problem in some refrigerators and that's why he had them.

Once the new Control Board was in place, the fan worked fine. He told us to wait a few hours for the temp to get to normal before putting in any of the food that we took out. He was able to fix everything within a half hour.

Site Note: About a week ago, we noticed a problem with some items in the refrigerator freezing. This should have been an early warning sign for us since we had the exact same issue with our last refrigerator in Newton. So be aware, if you discover some of your items in the refrigerator starting to freeze you might be having a problem with the Control Board.


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