January 25, 2010

Panasionic FV-11VHL1 Fan

We have a Panasonic fan that was not working correctly in our bathroom. We decided to look for a replacement and was surprise that there weren't that many fans that fit in the ceiling opening. We were unable to get any information from the Panasonic website since, at the time, we didn't know the particular model that we have.

We consulted several people and eventually the owner at The Lighting Showroom, in Orleans Ma, was able to tell us that we should be looking at FV-11VHL2 model fans. We didn't buy it a new one from them since we were able to identify one online for about $200 cheaper than what they were selling them for.

We ended up buying the fan at National Trade Supply for $270.30 including shipping.

When it came time to replace the fan we had our electrician do the installation. He took a look at our setup and determine that our problem was not related to a bad fan but that the exhaust valve was blocked. He cleaned all the dust and the fan worked fine.

The electrician was able to identify that we have a Panasonic FV-11VHL1.

The lesson learn in our fan replacement journey:

  • Identify the fan you currently have. Early on, we thought we had the correct model number but it turns out that we had the fan engine model number.
  • Don't count on Home Depot or Lowes for fans, both have a limited selection to large fan sizes
  • Don't open the fan box until you are sure that you really need the fan.

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