November 17, 2008

2004 Disneyland

Walt Disney really had a good idea in building Disneyland, its a fun place to be and its a great place to go to get away from the working every day.

To keep people come back every year, Disneyland makes minor changes in the park. Some of the changes are technology updates, such as updating Tomorrowland to focus on Mars and not the Moon. Other updates are to promote the movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Little Mermaid. (I don't like the update to the Tiki Room, I think they should have let the birds sing their songs. If anything they could have turned it into a restaurant as what the original Imagineers wanted.)

Regardless of the changes, the old favorites are still around at the Disneyland. Space Mountain is still the same ride as it was when the park first opened, and you can count on 999 happy haunted over by the mansion in New Orleans Square. Yes, its a place of old and new faces, which makes it enjoyable to visit year after year.

Download the 2004 Disneyland Map and see how much has changed over the past 4 years.

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