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This site offically started on April 9, 1998 (22 years ago!) in a studio apartment in Campbell, California.

At the time, I was working as a Software Engineer at Acclaim Technolgy. Acclaim Technology was a system integrator that helped a lot of early Internet companies

Using my Macintosh 8600 AV computer and Centris 660AV computers, I was learning all about the Audio/Video and network capabilities. At the time RealAudio was the hottest thing. I enjoyed editing digital my personal audio collection using Sound Edit Pro.

Today, I mainly use the site for Blogging and as a testing tool for Quality Assurance work. Every once in a while, I'll post some cool multimedia from my collection.

This all started on April 9, 1998

in Campbell, California.

About the Blog Series

Computer Desk

Everyday I post something new in the Blog page. Due to various life changes around the COVID-19 situation, the actual post times will fluctuate every day. Most days post should be up by 8 pm EST.

I have been blogging everyday since January 3rd, 2016. ( 1,733 days!)

If you like my posts, let me know. Let's connect on Twitter, or send me an email via the Feedback page.