Dual G4 Macintosh
Dual G4

You'll find information on everything related to the Dual 1.42 Ghz PowerPC G4 Macintosh computer. You'll find a brain dump of information that I have collected over the years about this great computer.

Dual-1.42GHz Power Mac G4
Dual G4 Computer Layout

Computer Configuration:

  • Processor: Dual 1.42 Ghz PowerPC G4
    2 MB L3 cache per processor
  • System: Mac OS 10.5.8
  • Memory: 2 GB DDR SDRAM

From Mid-2003 to 2011, this was my primary home computer. I installed three additional hard drive so there are 4 Hard drives in the computer: 150GB (Samsung), 250GB (Seagate), and two 250GB (Western Digital).

I use the following names for my drives: Misc, audio, audio2, Haunted, Aspen, WDW, KBF. I named one of the drives Aspen after one of the network computers that I use to use at Acclaim Technology.

The reason why I needed a lot of hard drives was because I use to record radio stations in the Boston area, in particular Howie Carr and The Boston Red Sox on WEEI. I have since stop doing daily recordings, due to a lack of interest, and just the amount of maintaince that is required.

I don't use the computer that much any more. It is still sitting on the floor in my home office but not plug in or connected to any monitor. When I do want to use it, it would be a production show since I would have to hook up the monitor and find a USB Mouse and Keyboard. I use to connect the computer to the network to transfer any files, but I now find it much faster if I use a USB thumb drive to copy files.

The image on the right shows all the hard drives I have in the computer and the various partition names that I assigned them. You can click on the image for a larger version of the hard drive layout and the different drives that I used. It is amazing how little storage I was able to deal with on the computer for so long. Today, storage goes fast because of higher quality of photos and videos.