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October 8, 2023

Remove Power Lines Challenge

How good is the Remove Powerlines Action?

This weekend I was near Monnick Supply - a popular hardware store in Framingham. I was looking at the building and noticed that much of the building was blocked by powerlines.

I thought, this would make a good picture to test the Power Lines removal functionality in Luminar Neo. The application has a one button function to instantly remove power lines from any picture.

Here are the results:


Luminar Neo_before


Luminar Neo_done

Some Thoughts

Clean up - I just ran the "Remove Powerlines" action. There's certainly another cleanup that can be done in Luminar Neo. The tool certainly saved a lot of time!

Shadows - I am surprised that Luminar Neo didn't catch the shadows of some of the power lines.

Telephone Pole - I don't know why the telephone pole has a hole in it.



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