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Power Computing Ad

1997 MacWorld Boston Ad

Back in 1997, the Apple Clones were hurting Apple's hardware sales. They offered faster computers for less money than Apple.

When Steve Jobs took over as Interm CEO, one of his first orders of business was to cancel all the clone contracts.

Power Computing Corporation was one of the most successful clone businesses. They offered Macs with better performance with built-to-order models - similar to Dell.

At the 1997 MacWorld Boston trade show, Joel Kocher the CEO of Power Computing, tried to rally the attendees to change Apple's strict licensing policies. This failed and the board of directors voted to be acquired,

On September 2, 1997, Apple acquired key assets of Power Computing.

Power Computing Ad Details

This is the advertisement that Power Computing ran during MacWorld Boston. Oddly enough, it was probably the last one done by the marketing team.

This was a full-page center spread, in an Expo-Special MacWeek edition. This is the computer they promoted:

"The first and fastest G3 Mac OS systems on Earth."

PowerPC 750 with 24x CD-ROM Drive, 275/250 MHz 1MB Backside Cache - starting at $3,695.

"The PowerTower Pro G3 earns the title of fastest Mac ever-by a long shot." - MacWorld, September 1997.

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