June 25, 2019

DayOne Timed Audio Recordings

DayOne has a cool Apple Watch audio recorder, just set it and forget it.

Day One App is a popular Journal App that people use to store all sorts of information.

One of the bonus features of Day One App is the Watch Os App. It allows you to check in to places and record quick audio memos.

Duration Audio Record Functionality

There is a record functionality where you can set a timer to record audio. You have an option to record up to 8 hours of audio.

When set it will record make the Apple Watch a recorder for a certain period of time.

To get to the duration record, when you have the Day One Watch App open, swipe to the left. Then set your duration and then record.

Day One Watch

Technical Breakdown

After you record the audio, the clip is transferred to the iPhone when it's in range and then uploaded to the cloud when you're connected to the internet.

Audio files are 32 kHz Mono files - a 1-minute clip takes up about 24mb.

Basically you record for whatever duration and the clip automatically backs up to your journal and ready to play whenever you want. The audio file is not transcribed, you just get the raw audio - which for me is perfectly fine.

In my test, I found that the audio quality is pretty good. I did notice that some of the key audio sounds was low volume and a simple balance in Rogue Amoeba's Fission or Apple's Garageband to enhance it.

Four Suggestions on Using Day One App Audio

  1. Record meetings to listen later - specially useful when you get slides for the meeting and want to hear the talk given about the slide.
  2. Record your commute - useful if you listen to the radio and wanted to listen to the music again.
  3. PowerWalk Talk - Turn on the recorder and freestyle talk about ideas that come to your head on your walk.
  4. Celebrity Talk - Meet a celebrity on the street? After the selfi, why not ask them for a word of encouragement and record it. (Example: Gary Vaynerchuk)

Try it Out

Try out the Day One App on the Apple Watch. You can download the application on the Apple Store.

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