Apple Watch Complications

What are Complications on the Apple Watch

June 18, 2019

Apple Watch Complications

Apple Watch complications are apps that have the ability to display information on the Watch Face. You may see these as icons in different corners.

When you open up the Watch app, you'll see "Complications" right after My Faces. These are applications that are eligible to be added to Watch faces that support complicaitons.

Might be easier to think of Complications as extensions for the Apple Watch face.

Watch Complications
An Apple Watch with Complications available at every corner, and a screenshot of how you define the complications in the Watch App.

Four Things I Learned about Complications

  • You can find additional Complications in the App Store, simply search for 'Complications'
  • If you don't want some Complications to appear in the selector, simply select the Complications category in the Watch app and remove them.
  • There are some permanent Complications that can't be removed: Activity, Alarm, Battery, Calendar, Date, Heart Rate, Messages, Music, News, Now Playing, Podcasts, Radio, Reminders, Stocks, Stopwatch, Sunrise/Sunset, Timer and Weather.
  • Some complications won't show in the selector because the content is very specific. For example the content requires a lot of space to display the data; such as News Complications.

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