Camera WatchOS App

Fun tips on using the Camera WatchOS App

June 4, 2019

Camera WatchOS App

Using the Apple Watch Camera App is a powerful way to take pictures using your iPhone.

You no longer have to depend on a small cheap Bluetooth device to remote control your iPhone shutter. You can now use the Camera App to take remote pictures, you have more options and a nice live preview of

Apple Watch Camera
The Camera WatchOS Icon in the grid view, the default camera app view, and the options when you press on the preview.

Ten Things I Learned about Apple's Camera WatchOS App

  • Camera Application is available by default, there is no way to remove it.
  • As soon as you open the WatchOS app, the iPhone Camera App opens. You get a preview of what the screen sees.
  • When you press on the screen you get additional options such as switching to the front-facing camera, enabling flash, HRD and Live Photo.
  • You can change the focus by pressing on the live preview image.
  • You can't change the mode (Video, Portrait, etc) via the watch you have to do that on the iPhone, then you can control it via the watch. Photo is the default mode.
  • When using Portrait mode, the "press on preview screen" doesn't work. There's no additional configuration.
  • Pano mode is the only mode not supported in the WatchOS.
  • In video mode, the "press on preview screen" feature allows you to enable the Flash. But it doesn't do anything for shooting video with the front-facing camera.

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