Apple Watch Dock

Apple Watch Dock is a quick way to find your popular Apps

May 7, 2019

Apple Watch Dock

If you're familiar with MacOS you know about the Dock on the bottom of the screen. It's where you keep commonly used applications so that you can access them quickly.

The Apple Watch has a similar dock feature - appropriately named Dock. It's something that is configured in the Watch app. This is where you can have quick access to Apps that you use the most.

This feature saves you time trying to visually remember icons from all the other ones in the Application layout. To access the Apple Dock on the Watch simple click on the button below the Digital crown.

Apple Watch Dock

My Apple Dock

In my Apple Watch Dock, I have setup 5 applications that I define that I always want to have quick access to:

  • Activity - Useful to know if I am meeting the daily goals.
  • Workout - If I am about to do a workout, I want to be able to quickly record the time.
  • Timer - Useful when cooking things on the grill. I know when my 5-minutes of grilling one side of the burger is done.
  • Dog Walk - Time to take the dog for a walk. Track the route.

Getting Started with the Dock

The best way to get started is to use the "recent apps" settings. That way popular apps that you actually use are available in the Dock.

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