September 2, 2017

Pool Filter Hose Cost

The Pool Hose

It does payoff to plan ahead of time, especially if you own an above ground pool.

This week one of the pool hose sprang a small leak and I didn't have a spare hose in the shed. I used my spear earlier in the season. Since the leak only happened when the pool ran, I turned off the pool and made a mental note to get it tomorrow.

I went down to the local Lesie Pool supply store to get a standard pool hose and was surprised that it cost $19.65 for a single hose. Wow!

I immediately thought "Clearly there's a cheaper solution."

Above Ground Pool Hose Lifespan

I have found that a typical pool hose will last about 2 years. Might be a little less if you have dogs and other animals walking over them.

Alternative Places

There are plenty of places online to stock up on hoses. Get it now while many stores are having their end of season clearance.

It's only $6.99 for a 6-foot Pool Hose at and $14.99 for one on (Free Shipping with Amazon Prime). Those are just a couple of places that I found online. I am sure there are many other stores to pick from.

Also good to check back in January/February when it's the slowest months for pool supplies.

Follow up Post

I'll be checking back at Leslie Pool in January to see if it's still the same price. Expect a follow-up blog post on this in January.


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