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Infield Lot

Tomorrow the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) will be soft opening the new parking lot at the Framingham MBTA station. Only a few spaces will be open in the new lot.

David Perry, @FramWorMBTA, has been naming the new lot, "Infield Lot." I like the name a lot and I think that the MWRTA should adopt it. It a good play on words since the lot is located between the Banana Lot and the MBTA Station. In addition, the train does make a stop near Fenway Park.

Infield Lot
I created a mock sign of the lot name.

The original lot, so called "Banana Lot" isn't an official name of the parking lot. On the MBTA site, it's still referred to its location: "Additional parking located near 2 FranklinStreet, Framingham Ma, 01702. "

David Perry is an expert in all things going on with the Worcester/Framingham MBTA line. Check out the Framingham Station: Soft Opening for new Parking Lot post that he wrote about this weekend.

Here's my contribution, couple of photos taken of the area before the lot has officially opened.

Station View 2014 vs 2017

Side By Side
Same view from the Framingham Station pedestrian overpath.

Parking Lot View - 2017

Click on image for a larger version.

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