February 7, 2017

Chrome Task Manager

Chrome has a Task Manager that makes it easy to see what part of the application might be using too much of your computer resources. This is useful for Developers to decide on what functionality they should enable/disable based on memory or processing power.

Chrome Task Manager

To stop a process, simply click on the row, and then the 'End Process' button. If you don't use some of the extensions, you can always permanently disable them by going under Chrome and then Preferences, select the Extensions menu and then uncheck anything that you don't want. Hold down the Command key to select more than one item.

It's a good idea to check on the Task Manager every once in a while. You might have inadvertently enabled an extension that once served it purposes and now might be slowing down your internet browsing.

Task Manager Location

The Task Manager is located in the Window Menu. Select 'Task Manager" which is just after the Extensions choice.

There is no keyboard shortcut to open the Task Manager.

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