January 18, 2017

Pat Snyder Font Collection

In the early 1990's Pat Snyder created some cool Postscript Type 1 Fonts.

SnyderSpeed is a Type 1 Postscript font that offers a bold (all caps) typeface duplicating the spontaneous, hand-lettered, brush-stroke used by commercial artists and sign painters to create eye-catching copy for signs, banners, posters, window display cards etc.

OregonWet is a special effects Type 1 PostScript typeface combining the graphic effect of water/raindrops/tears surrounding or splashing near each character. It's a full font containing upper and lower case letters, numbers, most shifted-number symbols and punctuation.

If you have OregonWet (a graphic Type 1 Postscript typeface with the effect of water/raindrops/tears surrounding or splashing near each character), OregonDry is the identical font without the splash effect. It's also a full font with upper and lower case letters, numbers, most shifted-number symbols and punctuation. The fonts can be combined for creative effects for before and after messages. Each stands on its own for display or ad copy.

MarkerFeltThin gives messages urging immediacy a casual, personal touch by looking as if the copy was handwritten with a fine point, felt-tip marker. Use for eye-catching notices, ad display or to convey spontaneous, impulsive expression.

A Type 1 laser printer, upper and lower case font, MarkerFeltWide makes typed copy look like it's been spontaneously hand lettered. MarkerFeltWide gives messages urging immediacy a casual, personal touch by looking like it was made with a wide, felt-tip marker. Similar to MarkerFeltThin, but offering wider stroked letters.

These are the original fonts files:

These fonts might be useful in your Font collection to use when creating flyers or Web graphics in Affinity Designer.

Snyder Font Collection
Pat Snyder Font Collection from the 1990s.

You may find some other variations of these fonts online. The links above are the original PostScript Type 1 outline fonts and can still be installed on MacOS Sierra.

I like the MarkerFeltThin and MarkerFeltWide font types, they are a good substitute for Poetsen One and Bluberry Regular fonts.

Other Font's Copied Pat's Style

Someone posted on fontspace.com:

jimtealiii June 24, 2011 - Fun fact: this is House Industries' Sign Painter font at 118%.
AVPerth October 12, 2014 - Also quite famously used in Mario Kart 64. Sign Painter - House Brush is also different in many areas, particularly P, R, U, and F. They share the same sign painter's brush DNA but other than that are independent designs.

Pat Snyder Today

Pat Snyder isn't working on font's anymore. He is a local artist in Coos Bay, Oregon. You can see some of his latest work on his website: http://www.patsnyderartist.com

Note: These fonts are still considered shareware, I couldn't find any information that they have been made available in the public domain. Registration Information is included in the Zip file of each of the font packages.

Shareware Fees Helped!

Here's a quote from the MarketFelt package:

Since creating my first font SnyderSpeed Brush (11/91 v.1 upper case only), the encouragement of shareware fees and/or input from users, allowed me to update SnyderSpeed by adding lower case (1/92), plus create OregonWet (which made AOL's top November 91 download's list), OregonDry, MarkerFeltThin 2/92, and now MarkerFeltWide (4/92)

Little Bit Worse Quote
Creative use of the OrgonDry and OregonWet



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