January 3, 2017

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser, and this past summer it became the #1 browsers. Chances are you have it on your desktop. If not, download it from their official website.

Google Keyboards

Five Chrome Browser Shortcuts that everyone should know:

  • Command + Shift + N - Opens a new Incognito Window.
  • Command + Click on a URL will open that URL in a separate tab.
  • Command + Click + Shift on a URL will open the URL in a separate tab and focus on the new tab
  • Command + L will highlight the Location bar, so that you can quickly type a URL
  • Command + Option + I - Open the Developer Toolbar

Learn the above five shortcuts and everyone will think you're a Pro with Google's Chrome browser.

If you have Chrome open, try them out now. Do it a couple of times just to get the basic idea behind using the shortcut. It will take a while to get used to using them. That's why just learning the basic five is a good starting point.

There's a lot more to learn! Once you master the above, check out the Chrome keyboard shortcuts. By using shortcuts, you can improve your productive use of Chrome.

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