November 7, 2016

Ravencroft Font

When I put together my personal Disney travel books, I worked hard on putting together a very simple cover.

My last trip to Disney was the first one where I didn't print out a book simply because I found that in the previous trip I hardly used any information that I gathered. I felt it wasn't worth wasting my time printing and binding the book.

The book usually contains a centered graphic and the date on the bottom right. I'll usually have some text under the graphic with some theme of the trip. Some examples:

  • Halloween Vacation
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Birthday Celebration

I wanted to be creative and use a Disney font for the book cover. When I started the whole book idea it was well the internet wasn't structured good - for example, today there are whole sites that are dedicated to free fonts and clip art. I resorted to fonts that people posted in AOL forums.

Haunted Mansion Font

The most common font face that I used in my covers was the Haunted Mansion Font.

Ravenscroft was inspired by the lettering used around Disney's Haunted Mansion attractions. The characters were drawn by Kronos ( and together they put them into a font filled with alternate letters, logos, and dingbats.

It appears that has gone to the Internet Graveyard as the site doesn't appear anymore.

This is the original file that I download back in 2001. You can download similar fonts from other websites, but why not get the original? This version has special characters: Wallpaper and the Disney park logo. Complete information is included in the Zip file.

Quick Cheat Sheet Guide

The hidden fonts are hard to find on a Macintosh. Here's a quick guide to accessing some of the hidden extras in the Ravenscroft font:

Raven Croft Cheat Sheet Guide

Look Around

The next time your at DisneyWorld look around and see what creative fonts people use. The Disney Imagineers spend a lot of time creating the perfect font for that attraction/place.

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