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Bad Air Sponge

Bad Air Sponge

Have you ever been waiting for a commuter rail in Boston's Back Bay commuter station? Have you ever smelled how bad the station is?

Well of late it hasn't been all that bad and it appears that the change may be related to the MBTA using a different cleaning brand - Bad Air Sponge. I took a picture of a box that I found lying near the tracks, I believe that it fell down from the ceiling.

We have two cats and the basement has the bad smell due to the fact that's where their litter box is. We have tried many things to get rid of that litter box smell. I think this might be the solution.

Hey if it's good enough for the Back Bay Station, it's probably good enough for our basement. Can't hurt to try!

Thanks to the MBTA for keeping the smell down at the waiting area at the Back Bay Station.



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