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Carry-On Packing

Have you ever what to bring as a carry on during a short flight? Recently I did some quick research before a flight on what things to bring and was very surprised that their was very little tips and tricks on what to put in your carry-on. So I thought I share what worked really well for me. We were traveling from Boston to Fort Myers total flight time around 3 1/2 hours.

A couple of days before the trip, I purchased a large bag of M&Ms and some Swedish Fish candy. I figure this would be good as snacks on the plane. I got the large bags so that I would have plenty for the return trip.

I also packed my handy USB charger, Jockery Bar 5600mAH battery pack, which fits perfectly in one of the front pockets in my laptop bag. I packed cables for my iPhone and Kindle. In future flights I want to get shorter cables that are different colors so it will be easier to identify them in the bag. Once the plane was in the air, I put my phone in airplane mode and charged it the whole way. In my bag I had some napkins and some travel wipes, because you never know when you?ll need them.

I brought my Kindle Fire HD for my in-flight entertainment. Prior to the trip, I selected and downloaded some interesting TED talks. I also put two movies on my tablet; Frequency and Enemy of the State. I watched a couple of TED talks then watched my feature movie. The Kindle Fire held up the charge with no problems. I also packed some Boston brochures that I got at the Prudential Mall. I brought these in case my daughter wanted to look/draw at something on the flight, or while waiting to board the plane.

My feeling, after returning home, is that I packed just the right amount of food and entertainment that I didn't feel board on the plane or that had packed too much in my carry-on. My carry-on was small and light that I was able to put it under the seat in front of me and not worry about finding an overhead compartment. My lesson learned is that keeping it simple and light makes for a much better trip.

Logan International airport has lots of USB charging ports throughout the terminal, you can even find them under some of the seats. You won't find many wall huggers at this airport. I was surprised that their wasn't anything at the Fort Myers airport.

Carry-on packing summary:

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